06/11/2015 (Europe, USA, Japan)
Roots of Veles
album Roots of Veles 2015
01 / Roots of Veles
02 / Cry of Pagan Gods
03 / The Ingling Saga
04 / Revolution
05 / Lost Past
06 / Bleeding Spirit
07 / Sin Price
08 / No More

Label / Promotion:

Kaira's album Not For Angels
2013 - Not For Angels (english version)
Record Jet (Germany)
Rock Alive Records (USA)
Miba Sound (Germany)
Miba Sound (Germany)
Kaira video
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Late Stone Age 2010 Kaira
2010 - Late Stone Age (english version)
Irond Ltd (Russia)
World Media Alliance (USA)
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Projects 2006-2009

Kaira Child of Fire

2009-Child of Fire (rus. vers.)
Irond Ltd (Russia)
This Sick Production (Australia)
Swerve Records (UK)
Tetragram Records (USA)

Kaira Huntress

2008-Huntress (rus./engl. vers.)
Irond Ltd (Russia)
Diamond Life Records (USA)
Satanica (New Zealand)

Kaira 'The wheel of Fortune' Колесо фортуны

2007-The Wheel of Fortune (rus.vers.)
Irond Ltd (Russia)
Fall of Eden Records (UK)

Kaira Воля Рока

2006-The Will of Fate (rus. vers.)
Irond Ltd (Russia)
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